Animal Friends New Year’s Dog, Bunny and Cat Rescue Saves Over 100 Animals!

For 21 years the Animal Friends shelter in Pittsburgh has held an annual dog and cat rescue event on New Year’s Eve, transferring animals from overcrowded shelters to their large no-kill facility. So many people visit Animal Friends seeking a life companion that the chance of finding a forever home for the rescues is much improved.

adoptable cat
Tiramsu hopes for a forever home

This year the rescues included cats, rabbits and dogs. This brought the total of animals who were transferred to Animal Friends from other shelters to 125 since December 17.
Since the theme for the year was “dessert”, each animal was given a sweet name or nickname. Tiramisu, Sundae, Cobbler, Caramel and Cheesecake are now awaiting new homes.

Each year, the shelter takes in cats, dogs and rabbits from smaller shelters throughout the region and puts them up for adoption in Pittsburgh. Shannon Tremblay, the direction of communications for Animal Friends, says the animals come from shelters in rural areas that may not get as much foot traffic as Animal Friends. The event helps lessen overcrowding at those smaller shelters. This allows them to take in more animals in their locality, and it gives the adoptable pets another chance at finding a forever home.
Animal Friends is a no-kill shelter located at 562 Camp Horne Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237


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